Since 2006, AVP has helped organizations free themselves from the obstacles of information management.

Our consultants are experts in data management, digital and media asset management, digital preservation, and more. We partner with leading organizations to help free people from the obstacles of information management so they can maximize the value of their assets.

Data Management

Collecting, organizing, and analyzing data can be overwhelming, especially for enterprises and research projects with large, disorderly collections of files and metadata.

AVP’s team of consultants and developers can bring the organization and control that you need to effectively manage and use your data, regardless of what state it is in. Whether its high level strategic planning, master data management, data governance, or hands-on wrangling of files and metadata, we can offer a solution that meets your unique needs.

Data Management Consulting Services

  • Technical, financial, and operational analysis
  • Scenario planning and budgeting
  • Strategy and roadmapping
  • Data modeling, organization, specification
  • Data governance support
  • Taxonomy development
  • Migration, normalization, consolidation, transformation, ETL
  • Data workflow optimization
  • Database design and implementation
  • Training and facilitation

Digital Preservation

Our consultants are experts at gathering information and coming to a comprehensive understanding of any organization’s unique preservation needs. By implementing the plans and strategies that our team recommends, your organization can ensure that valuable digital assets are protected and able to be used for generations to come.

If you already have a digital preservation system, AVP can perform a digital preservation audit to evaluate and report on conformance with standards such as ISO 16363 and the NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation.

Our team has led digital preservation efforts of many notable businesses and organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution, MoMA, and VIAA.

Digital Preservation Consulting Services

  • Standards-based collection and infrastructure assessments
  • Organizational maturity and readiness evaluation
  • Planning and roadmapping
  • Technology selection and implementation
  • Storage and system architecture
  • Financial analysis
  • Training & facilitation

“Without exception, the staff we have interacted with have been enormously knowledgeable, have had a wide range of skill sets and been excellent communicators. In the very early stages of the project(s), listening to us, the clients, was key.

“Your staff did an excellent job of listening to disparate perspectives within the organization and synthesizing that input into a set of recommendations for project implementation that was spot on. You knew what we needed more than we did, which is what excellent consultants can bring to a client.”

Facing History and Ourselves

Technology Selection & Implementation

Recognizing that your organization needs help with digital and media asset management or collection management is the first step. Adding AVP to your team is the next.

Our consultants have extensive experience with DAM, MAM, and collection management with organizations of all shapes and sizes. We also know the marketplace of services and solutions inside and out.

Technology Selection & Implementation Consulting Services

  • Requirements elicitation and documentation
  • RFX creation and proposal evaluation
  • Application and system vetting
  • System configuration
  • System design and documentation
  • Financial analysis
  • Training & facilitation

“The real highlight of working with AVPS is the people. As a non-technical person on a technical project, I appreciated everyone's patience and respect, even when explaining aspects of the work that might have seemed elementary.”

Southern Folklife Collection, Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill

Physical Collections

Collections can take many forms — video, film, audio, photographs, and documents to name a few. Preserving and digitizing physical collections can be a daunting task without AVP on your team.

We can turn your unknowns into knowns, provide you with an action plan and associated budget to raise awareness and funds, and help you see the plan through. We can provide the information and resources you need to take action and fulfill your mission.

AVP has helped numerous organizations unlock the value of their physical assets, including Carnegie Hall, the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, the National Gallery of Art, and Indiana University.

Physical Collection Consulting Services

  • Inventory and assessment
  • RFP creation and vendor negotiation
  • File format selection and storage planning
  • Digitization project management
  • Quality control
  • Digitization facilities planning and installation
  • Workflows
  • Financial analysis
  • Training & facilitation

“The team we worked with had excellent communication, organizational, and presentation skills, which were crucial in collecting the data needed for the analysis they were hired to do and to report findings to a diverse group of senior SI staff.”

Smithsonian Institution

“The AVP presentation to senior executives, with a robust Q&A session, was a great opportunity to share the results of the assessment work and to discuss possible next steps. We've taken action as a result of the assessment and the appropriately convincing presentation and discussion session.”

New York Public Library

“So professional and capable from start to finish. Quality work. I expected that and received that.“

Digital Preservation Network